Tamil Classes

Do you know Tamil is the oldest living language in the world?

Tamil language dates back to 300 BC and has been spoken for over 2000 years which makes Tamil as one of the oldest living languages! Tamil is the 20th most spoken language in the world. Tamil can be classified into classical, modern, and colloquial Tamil. It’s interesting to note that all three of these forms are still used today!

Why Tamil is unique? Unlike other classical languages that became defunct at some point in history, Tamil has been continuously used since its inception which makes it unique. Do you want to learn the heritage, culture and uniqueness? We are here to help you!


More than 80 million Tamil speakers worldwide

Tamil was declared a classical language by UNESCO in 2004

Tamil is the only language that is also personified as a god

Tamil is the first Indian language to be printed and published

Regular Program Overview

All classes are taught by qualified native speaking Tamil teacher from Tamilnadu Origin in providing the best quality learning experience through our top-class customized curriculum and teaching methodology which is complemented by our teachers

Our curriculum is based on Integration of culture, values, heritage, coupled with linguistic connections to their home country, helps students to foster their cultural identity and strengthen their cognitive abilities.

We’re offering an Online Tamil program for the entire school year 2020/2021, but we are very flexible to accommodate your kids needs and they will be assessed to enroll them in the appropriate programs.

Why join NativeLingo Tamil classes?

  • 5-6 students max per class.
  • Interactive sessions with Jamboard, Kahoot quizzes and games.
  • Students are grouped by their age and language skill level.
  • Worksheets will be given out every week in Google Classroom.

Schedule: 1 class per week

Duration: Entire school year, but flexible to accommodate your needs

Location: Online via Google Meet

Tools: Google Classroom, Kahoot

Register: Book a class to sign up


  • $45 per month (4-5 classes)
  • $120 per term (10-12 classes)
  • $300 per year (30-32 classes)
  • Multi-programs & Siblings discounts are available.

Call us at +1 (647) 930-7030 or mail us at tamil@nativelingo.ca for details

Programs Offered

Our Academics focused courses are aligned with Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education (Samacheer Kalvi).

முதல் நிலை: Beginner (Age: 6-8)


No pre-requisite required to join this level

Children in this level learn:

Alphabets, their pronunciation and how to write the script.
They also learn Songs, poems, Short stories, Numbers (1 to 20) and about 50 new words.

இரண்டாம் நிலை: Intermediate (Age: 9-12)


Must be able to write alphabets, read and write common/familiar words and speak using the acquired vocabulary.

Children in this level learn:

Simple sentences, Tenses, Translating words/sentences, Counting numbers and basic grammar (Nouns, pronouns and verbs etc., ) Reading Comprehension, Building conversation and writing simple passages.

மூன்றாம் நிலை: Advanced (Age: 13-17)


Must be able to speak fluently, read with understanding and write sentences/phrases.

Children in this level learn:

Advanced grammar
To write complex sentences with vocabulary and proper use of grammar.
Identify main parts of texts, understand, recall and infer ideas from texts.
How to use the language effectively for communication with peers.
To write essays, letters and complete the stories.
To express themselves using precise meaning in complex scenarios.