Why Learn a Second Language?

Deep Thinking

Learning a second language forces you to think in new and creative ways. You will be forced to think deeper with grammar rules, word meaning, prefixes, suffixes, and a host of other new challenges. This sustained thinking process develops your ability to think deeply, express concepts in new ways, and solve problems from new angles. By learning a second language, you think in ways you have never traditionally done! NativeLingo offers French, Spanish Language Classes for ages 6-17.

Advance Your Career

Increase your competitiveness in an increasingly global job market. In the 21st century, knowing a foreign language is becoming ever more essential. By learning a foreign language not only gives you an opportunity to connect with people across the globe, but gives you an advantage in the growing economy and the world. Given how the COVID-19 had changed the workforce remotely, the future jobs will be work from home or anywhere and the foreign language opens the horizon!

Increased Understanding of Other Cultures

Language is the most direct connection to other cultures globally. By communicating in another language, you will be able to foster an appreciation for the traditions, religions, arts, and history of the people associated with that language. Greater understanding will promote greater tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of others. Second language will enable you to be more open toward and express more positive attitudes toward the culture associated with that language. It allows you to understand other perspectives and embrace views other than your own!

Increased Intelligence & Creativity!

Mastering a second language will further strengthen problem-solving, creativity and cognitive skills. Based on study, learning a second language has been shown to raise overall intelligence levels and reading levels. You can improve your all-round cognitive ability. Second language will help you become better at multitasking in other aspects of your daily life too!

Boost Your Confidence & Concentration Skills

Second language will enhance your first language and overall literacy skills. Learning a second language means putting yourself out there and moving out of your comfort zone. Study shows significant improvement in a person’s ability to concentrate. When speaking, bilinguals are constantly juggling two or more languages in their heads. The primary language is activated, and the secondary language must be suppressed!

Endless Possibilities with Bilingualism

  • The future is indisputably multilingual particularly when considering the influence of mass social media and expansion of global markets. One of the hardest lessons you learn from studying a foreign language is humility.
  • Learn another language in school, starting at the earliest grades, learning for free, at an easy pace, when your mind is young and agile.